As the first responsive web project I coded, and my 2nd project in my Web Development program at HackerYou, I have a fondness for this project as fuel for a passion which was new to me at the time. Taking an existing, free-to-use design, I replicated the internal structure with html and css, keeping it as close to the original pdf as possible.

Flex box, overlay, before & after pseudo elements, font awesome, forms, and svg are only a handful of the tools I gained from this experience, and the knowledge I attained became essential for paving the way for projects I undertook in the future.

Design provided by HackerYou

Hero section with hover effects

Cronus home page with hover effects

Overlay hovering effect

Overlay effect with font awesome


select form and fill in form
Bar charts created by before and after psuedo elements

Section with figure and figcaption

Section shows figure and figcaption

Submit button and font awesome

Submit button and font awesome

Footer with multi-columns

Footer with multi-columns

To view the live site, click here.Cronus web page (Opens a new tab)

To view the code on GitHub, click here.Quinny's online portfolio on InVision (Opens a new tab)