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Cane Design

As a part of Cane Group Inc.’s design team, I worked to modernize their website, as well as that of their three subsidiaries (Design, Consulting, and Commerce). Pushing boundaries from the get-go, I explored a vast range of design directions in my initial concepts. The transformation of corporate colours was a particular innovation that changed the entire scheme of design, but helped the company better emphasize their core values.

To stress the company’s technical and design expertise, I added animations and interactive components, so although each website can stand independent in their content, the animated secondary navigation also links them together as part of a larger whole.

Designed for Cane Design

Initial concept

Initial concept for Cane website

Navigation is fixed in the middle of the screen in dual purpose to promote easy access as well as divide the site’s contents. I created this concept using the company’s original corporate colours.

First concept home page roll-out

Cane Group website version one Cane Design website version one Cane Commerce website version one Cane Consulting website version one

The final concept’s design prioritizes the company’s core values: The Cane Group Inc. — ENVISION; Cane Design — INTERSECTION; Cane Consulting — GROWTH; Cane Commerce — PARTNERSHIP. This approach also incorporated the change of colour palette.

Final Home page Design

Cane group final website design Cane design final website design Cane consulting final website design Cane commerce final website design