Fact book

The Thomson Corporation

Inspired by Thomson’s 4-step business model, I devised a graphic with 4 dots on each vertical and horizontal line. The simplicity of this design became effective in providing a sense of ease to anyone whose eyes catch glimpse of the cover. To continue the emotional trend of the reader, organization becomes key once the cover is opened; I incorporated an index at the top left corner of each two page spread to orient the reader, as well as allocated space on every page to include data in the form of charts and graphs.

Designed for Aegis

Book covers

front cover of thomson fact book
inside front cover of thomson fact book inside back cover of thomson fact book

inside spreads

thomson fcat book inside spread thomson fact book inside spread

The readability of the content is a book’s most essential element, but balancing words against background is a subtle art. To create an attractive and easy-to-read composition, I designated about one-third of each page for graphs and charts, ensuring more white space to focus the reader’s attention on the subject matter.

the thomson four-step icons

symbol, graph and chart design

bar charts and line graph
thomson line graph thomson line graph thomson bar chart thomson bar chart

All charts and graphs employ the same colour palette of grey and blue with orange accents to create tonal consistency with complementaries.