Brand Identity


Snowbat Canada Inc. is a Canadian ski wear brand owned by a Chinese family. In Chinese tradition, bats represent good luck. But did you know they’re also the only mammals that can fly and have a high thermal conductivity? No wonder they’re such a fitting choice to represent the face of the brand.

I took a modern approach in designing a custom font that captures the brand’s energy, emphasizing movement in the letters in reference to the thrill of skiing. Since the purpose of the brand identity is to be embossed or silk-screened onto a variety of fabrics, I made the logo suitable to match with a variety of colours.

The brand puts emphasis on cool ski-culture to target a younger clientele, so I incorporated snowy mountain line art into the stationery background.

To distinguish the company’s logo from the iconic Batman or Bacardi, I chose to frame the bat in an innovative side profile.

Colour variations

Snow bat logo on white background Snow bat logo on black background Snow bat logo on grey background Snow bat logo on orange background Snow bat logo on green background Snow bat logo on blue background

While the colour palette of the logo consists of a more versatile range to match that of the ski wears, the corporate colours — black, silver, and orange — remain central to designs that are static, such as the stationery.


Snow bat letterhead
the front of Snow bat business card the back of Snow bat business card