Brand Identity

Our Natural Diet

In 2008, I fought an active illness that rendered conventional medicine useless. After spending countless hours online searching for answers and trying what seemed like an endless array of self-healing methods, I stumbled upon a diet that provided almost immediate relief. This experience pushed me to study natural healing and nutrition, and I began what is now a lifelong journey to understand the logic behind diet and health.

Inspired by this new hope in my life, I longed to help others who might suffer similar illnesses. I named my blog Our Natural Diet to provide comfort in the knowledge that this journey to health does not have to be taken alone. To promote the natural elements of the diet, I designed the illustrative logo as a mosaic of fruits and plants that together form a tree. I also included a girl in the design in a show of human and nature in a harmonic completion, since the tree’s shape would be malformed without her.

The brand identity’s idyllic design reflects a state of tranquility and well-being.

Business card

the front of Our natural diet business card with kraft paper and white logo the back of Our natural diet business card with kraft paper and white text

I printed the business cards on kraft card stock with white foil.