Product catalogue


HABCO Manufacturing is an award-winning company that specializes in refrigeration appliances. I had the opportunity to help design a product catalogue for their refrigerators and freezers — both sets of their state-of-the-art cooling systems.

I based my designs on two keywords: cold and fresh. With a colour palette of cooler tones to continue the theme, the prominent use of grey in particular reigns similar to that of a stainless steel fridge. While figuring out an arrangement of such a vast display of products and information within an A3 spread proved to be a worthy challenger, my organizational skills rose to the occasion and the catalogue turned out stronger for it.

Designed for Elemental

Catalogue covers

HABCO refrigerator catalogue back cover HABCO refrigerator catalogue front cover HABCO freezer catalogue front cover

While I explored several shapes, I ultimately chose to use hexagons for their figure that’s similar to that of ice crystals, and masked the product images into this shape to create a dynamic visual effect.

Inside spreads

HABCO freezer catalogue inside spread HABCO refrigerstor catalogue inside spread