Brand Identity + Research Report


The ideas of data analysis and data summary inspired me. I tried to create an abstracted design based on these core features of research methodology. I took a clean and contemporary approach by organizing the letters C, T, and I into a 3 x 3 grid, each letter of a different colour and overlapping one atop the other. The finished product resembles the face of a Rubik’s Cube, and while the logo’s shape refers to the practicality and rational thought the company excels in, the play in colours add a sense of creativity and promotes the modernity.

The qualitative research method sparked the remainder of my design, and I got to play with and use keywords such as like, dislike, yes, no, numbers, arrows, and percentages as graphics for the report cover.

Designed for Mitchel Shore Creative Services Inc.

Digital fonts inspired the square shaping of the letters to emphasize the business’ data-driven nature. In overlapping the three letters and by extent their colours, I incorporated an additional level of complexity to a seemingly simple form.

cti logo formation in three dimensional view

Report cover

CTI report cover with research keyword graphics

The small yellow card on the cover is replaced for each new client.

Sectional page

CTI report inside page with graphs and white background

Inside pages

CTI report sectional page with grey background